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学生 gathered on a residence rooftop with city in background

Student 住宿

Explore student 住宿 options both on 和 off campus
The University offers one of the most affordable student accomodation options. Experience life in an inclusive, supportive 和 authentic environment with students from all over Australia 和 the world.

Our student residences, in Camperdown 和 Darlington 和 卡姆登, provide a supportive community that fosters personal 和 academic growth – with all our housing options COVIDSafe. Whether you're a current or future student, or looking for someone, you can find all the key information on each residence page, 包括:

  • 位置
  • 成本
  • 设施
  • 夹杂物
  • 突出了
  • 奖状
  • 空间之旅

Resident students can also get involved in the various sporting, cultural 和 wellbeing events that run year-long as part of our Intramural Program, allowing you to create memories 和 friendships during your time at uni. 也有 off campus options 和 information about 生活成本.

Accommodation Services

  • Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building


9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday






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